Category Topics

Social, Trust, and Knowledge Graphs

Dive into the intricate networks that map relationships, trustworthiness, and knowledge in the decentralized sphere. Discuss the nature of social graphs in decentralized platforms, the dynamics of trust representation, or the vast expanse of knowledge graphs that power intelligent systems.


Create topics here that don’t fit into any other existing category.


Identity, Reputation, Sybil Resistance, & Trust

Delve deep into what ‘identity’ truly means, how we forge our identities, methods for establishing fair and robust reputation systems, strategies to resist Sybil attacks, and systems for enhancing trust (especially in a decentralized environment).

Data Storage, Sovereignty, & Privacy

Discuss decentralized storage solutions and architectures to championing individual data sovereignty and the right to privacy. Address the challenges and innovations shaping the way we manage and control data in a decentralized world. Share best practices, explore breakthroughs in ensuring data remains in the hands of its owners, or debate the privacy implications of decentralized systems.

Authentication, Authorization, and Access Control

Discuss the intricacies of ensuring secure authentication, fine-grained authorization, and robust access control in a decentralized environment. Whether you’re exploring novel multi-factor authentication methods, debating role-based access control mechanisms, or dissecting the challenges of decentralized identity management, this space is for you.

Identifiers & Discovery

Decentralized identification and discovery mechanisms. Explore DID (Decentralized Identifier) methods, discuss the challenges and solutions of unique identity verification, and unearth new ways to discover decentralized resources and services.

Data Structuring, Standards, and Schemas

Discuss structure and standardization. Explore frameworks, standards, and schemas that ensure data interoperability, consistency, and usability across various decentralized platforms. For the intricacies of data modeling, emerging standards, or insights into creating flexible yet unified schemas for decentralized data.

Language & Communication

For discussions around the languages, terminologies, and communication protocols. Examine linguistic nuances, debate semantics, and discuss how language shapes our world and our reality.

Networking & Security

The critical realm of maintaining secure and efficient communication in decentralized ecosystems. Centered around the design, implementation, and evolution of networking protocols, alongside the ever-important topic of security. Debate the latest in peer-to-peer communication strategies, optimal security practices, or innovations that bolster the integrity of decentralized systems.

Knowledge Curation & Management

For the discussion of the curating, organizing, and stewarding of decentralized knowledge. A focal point for discussions around the methodologies, tools, and challenges associated with maintaining accurate, relevant, and accessible knowledge in decentralized systems. Delve into decentralized knowledge bases, explore novel curation techniques, or discuss the ethics and responsibilities of knowledge stewardship in a decentralized context.

Applied Crypto

For the domain of cryptography as applied in decentralized contexts. Discuss the latest cryptographic techniques, algorithms, and their real-world implementations in securing decentralized systems. Unravel the nuances of zero-knowledge proofs, debate the merits of various encryption methods, or share insights into the most recent advancements in cryptographic protocols for decentralized applications.

AI & Emerging Technologies

For the discussion of artificial intelligence and the myriad of emerging technologies, and their intersection with the decentralized realm. Ponder the implications of neural networks in decentralized decision-making, explore the role of AI in decentralized finance, or keep pace with the latest innovations reshaping the decentralized tech landscape.

Applications & Use Cases

Explore real-world applications and potential use cases. Share stories, insights, and experiences from actual implementations of decentralized technologies. Showcase a groundbreaking decentralized app, discuss the transformative potential of decentralized finance in a specific sector, or brainstorm novel use cases for emerging tech.

Data Visualizations

Data representation and visual storytelling in the context of decentralized systems. This category is for the discussion around transforming raw data into compelling visual narratives and insights. Whether you’re showcasing a dynamic dashboard that tracks decentralized network health, discussing tools and techniques for effective data visualization, or sharing aesthetic and informative graphics about the decentralized world, this space is for the juncture of art and science.

Social Finance

For the confluence of decentralized finance and societal impact. Discuss and explore the ways in which decentralized financial systems and tools are reshaping societal structures, offering new solutions to old challenges, and fostering inclusive growth. Whether you’re keen on discussing community-driven financial initiatives, the role of decentralized finance in addressing social inequalities, or the potential of blockchain in philanthropy and social good, this space brings together the financial and the social for a richer understanding.